Information about the company «ARKALUX»

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The origins of our production begin in 2005, when we developed and patented our own production technology for framing interior arches, as well as slopes for windows and doors. This was the period of the formation, development and testing of production processes, the search for and identification of the possibilities of production technology. All products were produced under the order.

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In 2006, we announced ourselves at the furniture exhibitions in Ukraine. The feedback from our customers has prompted us that they are ready to purchase standard products in a short time and at a lower price. That is why the serial production was developed in various classes of products with dimensions of 2200mm * 800mm * 250mm and 2200mm * 900mm * 250mm. We represented our products both on the primary market of Ukraine and through the dealer network.

Also, our standard products could have been bought in the retail chains «Nova Liniya», «BUDMAN», «33 sq.m.».

Melitopol Production Enterprise «ARKALUX» was established in 2009. Our own production and high-class specialists allow us to produce both simple and complex arched constructions in a high quality and in a short time. For production ecologically safe certified materials are used.

In August 2016, we signed a contract for the supply of standard products with the trading networks «EPICENTR» and «Nova Liniya».

Our products are presented in almost all markets of these networks. Today in the shops «EPICENTR» and «Nova Liniya»

You can purchase both our standard products and place an order for your individual sizes and colors.

Modern trends in the field of design dictate the requirements for the design of doorways, so our wide range of products will allow you to choose the arch that is ideally suited for you — in form, color, material.

When we manufacture products, we focus on your needs. It is your desires that are the basis for the development of our products. «ARKALUX» — with us is more spacious !!