Model «ELLIPSE» is a product, in the upper part of which the geometry of the oval is used. Most often this model is used for openings of living rooms, dining rooms, halls, etc.

Model «ELLIPSE» is made for doorways for height and width without restrictions, with a depth of walls up to 900 mm in pvc and up to 640 mm in veneer.

Perhaps, the manufacture with a different color range of the facade part of the product.

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6 mm + PVC 3 мм + PVC

Height up to 2200 mm

Width up to 900 mm

Depth up to 250 mm

1899 UAH
8 mm + PVC 3 мм + PVC 2129 UAH
8 mm + Veneer 3 mm + Veneer 3059 UAH

Calculating the cost of an arch PRESTIGE «ELLIPSE»