Instruction on arch block installation

01.04.2015 News

1. Carefully remove the stretch wrap from the product

2. Remove stapled transportation locks from caps and posts.


3. Then the insert must be placed into the cap and cut to the size. Among the three inserts, the two of the same size are used for posts and the third one – for the cap. Put the insert into the cap lock and cut it so that the insert can jut out at the edges by 1 cm in order to make it possible to insert it into the frieze lock.


4. Insert the cap into the doorway, level it and put marks on both sides with a pencil.


Glue the cap with an insert onto one side of the doorway, inserting it according to the marks; then glue the cap onto the other side. Cramp them underlaying any material (cardboard, fibreboard, etc.) so as not to damage the arch.

5. Size the friezes:


Do not cut A and B

Cut C according to the size at the angle of 45.

For example: the workpiece is 21 cm wide and you need the wall width to be 20 cm at the places where the frieze is. Cut the extra part from one side, polish it with abrasive paper, glue it with “Liquid Nails“ and insert into the doorway.

6. Then cut each post according to the size (from the floor or from the skirting-board, at your choice) as far as the frieze. After checking the size, put each post to its place. Put the insert into the post lock and cut 1 cm longer so that the insert can be placed into the frieze lock.


The post (with the insert), which has already been cut, must be glued in a point method, inserted into the doorway under the frieze and then the next post is inserted. Cramp them. Do the same on the other side. Let the product dry for about an hour.

Note: If the wall thickness is uneven, the cap or post can not to fit the wall more closely on one side. Then the insert must be cut in those places.




For example: at this height the wall thickness is 20 and the first post fits the wall closely; at that height the wall thickness is 19 and the second post does not fit the wall closely. The insert must be cut as shown in the Figure.