Instruction on taking measurements

01.04.2015 News


To manufacture an arch block, the following measurements must be taken:


A – doorway height,


B – doorway width.

The measurements are taken from both sides of the doorway and the smallest size is given (in case they are different).

For example, the width of the doorway from one side is 90 cm, from the other side – 89 cm. The arch block is then manufactured with the width of 89 cm.


C – depth (thickness) of the wall is measured in several places and the largest size is given.



If you have a ready arch doorway, you must make a template of it. To do it, you must take dense cellophane, cover the doorway with it and outline the contour with a marker.


If your doorway model is “Modern” (with sharp angles), it is necessary to know the posts height (of the straight part – from the floor to the curve) and take measurements of the doorway width not only in the middle but also in the corners B1.



A standard arch platband of an arch block is 6 cm. So, when taking measurements, it is necessary to pay attention to the things that can obstruct the arch block installation (switches located close to the doorway, furniture, etc.).



In “Prestige”, “Prima” and “Lux” class models, the frieze is also taken into account.



Note: the arch platband can be made both of smaller (5 cm, 4 cm, 3 cm) and of larger sizes.